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Pack of Lies

Thursday, September 15, 2022

Pack of Lies (2022) Charlie Adhara (Monster Hunt)

Pack of LiesWhine whine whine. I don’t wanna read about Eli, I wanna read more about Cooper and Oliver.

(finally picks up book)

(devours book)

(immediately preorders sequel)

Eli is managing the retreat while Cooper and Oliver are on their honeymoon. What could possibly go wrong?

Multiple things, apparently, including a cryptid hunt, a nosy actor, and a dead body.

He had plenty of experience with criminal investigations. Nearly always from the other side of things, but still. Surely that still counted for something.

Julian is struggling with the loss of his younger brother, and has come out to Maudit Falls in hopes of being able to put his grief behind him.

“I’ve been seeing this grief counselor and she gives me these little homework assignments. A couple weeks ago the assignment was to go somewhere I associate with Rocky and apologize to him. Let him apologize to me.”

Eli is delightfully snarky.

“Do the roads often go out?” “Motto of the mountain, or so I’ve heard. Come for the murder, stay because inclement weather and neglected infrastructure make it impossible to leave.”

“Did Cody tell you that? I admit I’m impressed; I didn’t think he had the imagination.”

“Oh, he doesn’t,” Eli said. “Cody insists that you and Ian were hunting for buried treasure. I assumed he’d gotten the wrong end of the euphemism.”

Publisher: Carina Adores

Rating: 8.5/10


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