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Foxglove Summer, Audio Edition

Thursday, September 15, 2022

Foxglove Summer, Audio Edition (2015) Ben Aaronovitch narrated by Kobna Holdbrook-Smith (Rivers of London)

Foxglove SummerI love this series so much.

This book is dedicated to Sir Terry Pratchett OBE, who has stood like a wossname upon the rocky shores of our imaginations— the better to guide us safely into harbor.

There are so many subtle hat tips to so many different SFF classics. I mean.

For a car that was older than my mother, it had a pretty decent stereo on which Lilly played Queen’s Greatest Hits but only, she explained, because her sister had borrowed her iPod and hadn’t given it back and Queen’s Greatest Hits was the only CD in the stereo. Maybe the sheep liked it.

But mostly I just adore Peter.

“So the moon effects magic, why?”

“I’m working on several theories,” I said. “But I’m currently favoring the hypothesis that the moon has a seemingly arbitrary effect on magic because it likes to piss me off.”

“That’s a theory with a high degree of applicability to other spheres of life,” he said.

We trooped off behind her into waist high bracken, down something that was not so much a path as a statistical variation in the density of the undergrowth.

Publisher: DAW

Rating: 9/10


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