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The Doctor

Saturday, November 12, 2022

The Doctor (2022) C.S. Poe (Magic & Steam)

The DoctorSet in alternate US in 1882.

Gillian Hamilton has been caught. He has been exposed as Simon Fitzgerald, the Butcher of Antietam. And he is now on Blackwell’s Island at the Asylum for the Magically Insane.

“Why are you helping a criminal?”

Barrie wiped his nose again. “I don’t believe it’s fair to call twelve-year-old Simon Fitzgerald a criminal when, as far as I understand it, it was not your will to join the Army.”

“I was ten.”

This story was a lot. Gillian suffers from Soldiers Heart–the name given after the Civil War to what we now call PTSD.

Gillian is also abused by the staff of the Asylum. In fact, I put the book down for a month after starting to read it, because I just did not want to be inside the asylum with Gillian. Luckily, Gillian is free by the end of chapter two and the action / adventure picks up again.

“I lied about my level and the FBMS found out last month.”

Addison lowered the mirror the rest of the way, and I met his puzzled expression. “They punished you for— being too skilled?” Then realization sparked in his eyes, like a flame brought back to life among dying coals. “FBMS is afraid of you.”

Although there is a good deal of Gilliam remembering / being reminded of his time in the army.

“In ’62, the Union incorporated magic into their war strategies, and they weren’t particular with how they came about fulfilling their need for casters. My parents sold me to the Army for ten dollars and a pound of sugar.”

Gillian and Gunner are together at the end of the story, however, it doesn’t end cleanly and there is yet another cliffhanger.

Which is why I’d put off reading the third book, because of the ending of the second.

I hate cliffhangers.

Publisher: Emporium Press

Rating: 6/10


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