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London Falling, Audio Book

Sunday, November 27, 2022

London Falling, Audio Book (2014) Paul Cornell narrated by Damian Lynch (The Shadow Police)

London FallingPretty much all the trigger warnings for this book: child death, child harm, gore, violence, serial killer..

This series is so dark, and yet its darkness doesn’t bother me, possibly because it’s almost over the top.

“You know what you get when you Google ‘West Ham’ now? Serial killer, serial killer, serial killer … oh, look, there’s also some news about your FA Cup run, there on the third page.

It’s also incredibly blunt.

He’d been out, sort of, at his last nick. A few of the lads had asked, so he’d told them. And then his DI, Pete Grieves, had, too, over a pint— deliberately nothing official. “I should think you qualify us for some sort of grant, lad, representing two minorities for the price of one,” he’d said. Sefton had laughed along, only realizing later how the conversation had left him feeling … he still didn’t know how he felt about it.

And extremely weird.

Costain grabbed a sack from the floor and flung the cat inside. Then he tied the opening in a knot. Inside the bag, the cat hissed and spun around. “We have an accomplice in custody,” he declared.

“Tell that to a judge,” muttered Quill.

“What are you intended for?” asked Quill. “Spying for her? Warning her?”

“Not at all. I was made to agree with her. The head on the stairs is for warning her.”

“Did she make that too?”

“Why, yes, obviously.” And now Quill felt patronized by a cat.

Publisher: Audible Studios

Rating: 9/10


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