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Wonton Terror

Monday, December 12, 2022

Wonton Terror (2019) Vivien Chien (A Noodle Shop Mystery)

Wonton TerrorIt seems I had read the first book in this series, and was no more impressed by that book than with this one.

First, there were several instances of a wrong word being used, which ended up completely confusing me.

I’d toiled all night with the text that Adam had sent.

Honestly, I’m not even sure what that sentence is supposed to say.

Then, we have a twenty-something needing to communicate with her roommate who worked late the night before.

There was a chance that Megan might be awake, so I pulled out my cell phone and gave her a call.

“Hello?” she mumbled into the phone.

“Did I wake you up?”

“Maybe just a little bit.” She yawned. “What’s up?”

A twenty-something who called instead of texting. That is such a bizarre concept I can barely wrap my head around it. A twenty-something who calls before texting?

Also, that’s insanely rude. She’d only gotten a couple hours sleep! It wasn’t that important!

But, she came across as selfish other times as well.

Her sister is asked to apply for an internship that could further her desired career, and all she can think of is that she’ll be left short-staffed at work? Yikes.

And then she visits someone who has just gotten out of the hospital, makes tons of mental comments about what a disaster the house is.

While she went to take care of her mail, I set the bag on the counter. The sink was filled with dishes and I imagined they had been there since before the incident. I could smell the faintest odor of fried fish lingering from a previous dinner. I immediately felt bad for stopping by.

But not bad enough to help the poor woman out by doing some dishes or anything else useful.

So, this series is not for me.

Publisher: St. Martin’s Paperbacks

Rating: 5/10

Categories: Cozy, eBook, Female, Food, Mystery


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