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Paranormal Bromance

Monday, December 12, 2022

Paranormal Bromance (2014) Carrie Vaughn

Paranormal Bromance What happens with three Gen-X slackers are turned against their will?

They become roommates.

After being turned, I had been terribly disappointed to learn that vampires still had to do laundry, that we didn’t have some supernatural power that kept our clothing ageless and immortal as well.

That bit goes just how you’d expect.

The Family, run at the time by an okay guy named Arturo, offered to help us adapt to our new nocturnal lives. We could have stayed with him and others of his Family in his underground compound, worked for him, and he’d have looked after us and made sure we were fed. That sounded too much like moving back home, so the three of us found a basement apartment and decided to fend for ourselves.

It’s a fun story and a quick read.

The truth of the matter is, Gen X-ers make terrible vampires.

There are references to Kitty the Werewolf and of course Rick makes an appearance, but the story is centered on Sam and his roommates, and their being tangentially being pulled into vampire politics.

Rating: 8.5/10

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