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The Missing Page

Wednesday, May 24, 2023

The Missing Page (2022) Cat Sebastian (Page & Sommers)

The Missing PageSet in England in 1948

James is called to Cornwall for the reading of the will of an uncle he hasn’t seen for decades.

When Leo returns from his latest mission, he doesn’t like this discovery at all.

The more Leo thought about it, the less he liked it. Leo had read this detective story and he had seen the film and knew that when you made the heirs gather together, they immediately started putting exotic poisons into one another’s tea. They simply couldn’t help themselves.

People even hesitated to mention suicide around James, as if he might have otherwise forgot how he lost his father.

“I felt like he was putting ideas in my head,” James said. “I hadn’t wanted to do away with myself and then he made it seem inevitable. As if I was doomed by a family curse.”

“I think that when someone isn’t around anymore, it’s hard to stop regret from creeping into memory. At least it is for me. There’s always the feeling that I could have done better.”

“I’m a doctor. It would be a wonder if I didn’t practice medicine,” he said when he could trust his voice to remain even.

“But— well, it can be a trying profession. When you came to see me in ’45, I believe I counseled rest.”

Mostly, James was furious that Sir Anthony was doing this in front of Martha and Lilah. “I believe you did,” James agreed, flipping the page so he now saw a photograph of Rupert Bellamy and some men James didn’t recognize. “But I sought a second opinion.” Somewhere behind him, he heard a sound from Lilah that could have either been a laugh or a gasp. “Feeling useful is its own therapy.”

James didn’t have to look at Sir Anthony to know the man was furious. It radiated off him so James could feel it as surely as he felt the heat from the fire.

Rating: 9/10


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