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Known Devil

Wednesday, September 20, 2023

Known Devil (2014) Justin Gustainis (Occult Crimes Unit Investigation)

Known Devil

Karl hadn’t complained about taking the damaged elf to the hospital. He wouldn’t be allowed to take part in any interrogation, anyway. The Supreme Court had ruled in Barlow v. Maine almost forty years ago that anything a suspect said in the presence of a vampire – police officer or not – was inadmissible, since there was no way to establish whether vampiric Influence was used to induce cooperation.

I gathered that Daniel Craig was fast replacing Sean Connery as Karl’s favorite actor to play Agent 007. I could see his point. Yeah, I watch those movies, too – but unlike Karl, I only see them once.

We agreed that Craig was the first actor to play the role who looked like he might actually be a professional killer – and that’s what Bond is, when you get down to it. I’ve known a few real life-takers in my time, and thought that Craig had the attitude down cold, so to speak. Even if he did have a better tailor.

“You know people like to gossip.”

“And vampires, like corporations, are people, too,” she said, giving me a toothy smile.

“Yeah,” I said, “but a lot more talkative.”

Publisher: Angry Robot

Rating: 8/10


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