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Finders Keepers

Monday, October 30, 2023

Finders Keepers (2018) N.R. Walker

Finders Keepers

Sunday was just like any other Sunday, except this one was the day before Monday. The very Monday I was spending with Griffin. So naturally it dragged like a Wednesday, which was my Monday.

“Oh, you’re not staying for dinner?” I asked his Mum. Dane stared at the side of my head and I fought a smile.

Dane’s voice bordered on pleading. “No, Dad’s just been allowed to drive again after his knee surgery, he probably shouldn’t—”

His mum spoke as though Dane wasn’t speaking. “Oh, we really shouldn’t,” she said, in a way that totally meant they were now staying for dinner.

It’s not a bad story, but there is a lot of boinking and not much else happening.

Publisher: BlueHeart Press

Rating: 6/10

Categories: eBook, LGBT, Reread, Romance, Sexual Content

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