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The Rise: A Short Story

Tuesday, October 31, 2023

The Rise: A Short Story (2023) Ian Rankin

The Rise: A Short StoryI keep moving a reread of the Inspector Rebus series up my TBR pile, but never quite actually start rereading.

Possibly because the first book is one of my least favorites, and partially because the stories tend to be somewhat dark.

This story was not dark.

There is a murder (of course) and Gish is called in when the DC who should have shown up called in sick. The off we go.

This reminded me why I’ve reread his Rebus short story collection several times: Because he is excellent at writing short fiction.

‘You really should clock off,’ Milton advised.

‘Soon as you get up to go, I’m right there with you.’

‘What about your mum?’

‘Friends and neighbours looking in.’

That is a fair amount of information there in four short sentences. Both officers work too much, the senior tries to guilt her into going home, and so we see she is caring for a parent.

I really liked Gish and wonder if there are other stories with her, because I want to read them.

Publisher: Amazon Original Stories

Rating: 8/10

Categories: 8/10, British, eBook, Good Cover, Mystery, Novella, Police


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