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Think of England

Saturday, February 24, 2024

Think of England (2014) K.J. Charles

Think of EnglandSet in England in 1904

(Peakholme) had been an extraordinarily modern creation at that time, equipped with the very latest innovations, with running water in all the bathrooms, heated by hot-water radiators and illuminated throughout by electricity from his own hydroelectric generator.

“It was a damned business. My company lost as many men in two minutes’ practice firing than in six months of war before it.” Seven deaths on the field; six more in the field hospital; two suicides, later. Three men blinded. Mutilations and amputations. “The entire crate of guns was deadly.”

Inappropriately deadly,” da Silva murmured.

He grabbed for the nearest serving dish and proffered it, in the hope of changing the subject. “Ham?”

“No, thank you.”

“It’s a jolly good one.”

Da Silva blinked, slowly, like a lizard. “I dare say, but I fear I haven’t converted since we last spoke.”

“Con— Oh. Oh, I beg your pardon. I quite forgot you were a Jew.”

“How refreshing. So few people do.”

“Over here, quick.” Da Silva rose and turned his back to the storeroom door. Curtis stepped over, and da Silva said, urgently, “Don’t hit me.”


Da Silva fisted his hands in Curtis’s dressing gown, dragged him forward and kissed him on the mouth.

Publisher: KJC Books

Cover design by Erin Dameron-Hill

Rating: 9/10


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