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In Sea-Salt Tears

Saturday, February 9, 2013

In Sea-Salt Tears (2012) Seanan McGuire

In Sea-Salt TearsThe Luidaeg has been a complicated character throughout the October Daye series. This story gives us a glimpse of the relationship between the Selkie and The Luidaeg.

The only way a selkie can become a true fey is to inherit one. But there aren’t many skins, so most selkie don’t receive one. Elizabeth Ryan wants to receive a skin. She wants it more than anything in the world. During the celebration of the passing of a skin, a girl named Annie comes to witness the event, and after one such ceremony, when Liz and her friends are on the beach, wishing the skin had come to them, instead of their friend, Annie joins them.

This is a love story, but not a Valentine’s love story, but instead a story of broken hearts and promises.

Please be aware, however, there is sex in this story. Not a lot, but not none either.

This story could stand on its own, as the Luidaeg is only a minor character in Toby’s story, and might give you an idea of whether you would like to read Toby’s series. (Which I, of course, think you should.)
Rating: 8/10



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