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The Brimstone Deception

Saturday, February 6, 2016

The Brimstone Deception (2016) Lisa Shearin

The-Brimstone-DeceptionI really like this series.

Makenna Fraser is a seer for the SPI–the government agency in charge of supernatural crimes (and seeing that the supernatural don’t come to the attention of the public).

Her talent is a rare one, and the previous individuals to hold her job all died under mysterious circumstances, so Mac is partnered with someone whose job is to protect her. Because she doesn’t have magical healing or regeneration or super fighting skills or strength, she’s just a human who can see magic.

This means she does not have the skills to kick ass, and is well-aware of this fact.

As soon as the elevator doors closed, Ian drew his gun, which was loaded with silver-infused hollow points. “Stay here,” he told me.

“I can do that.” Not only could I do that, I was glad to do that.

Mind you, the agency is training her in self-defense, but she is well-aware that fighting is not her forte, and I really like that about her. Because as much as I like kick-ass heroines, I really like Mac’s realistic assessment of her strengths and abilities.

It’s a lovely change.

I was smart enough to know and accept that I could be trained by the best and still never qualify as a badass. My goal was simply to make it to work each day and home every night.

Fred was a solid presence at my back. Though considering what I most wanted to do was turn and run, a solid Fred right behind me wasn’t good for either one of us, unless he wanted to get trampled.

And the writing is witty and amusing.

Our head of HSR (Human and Supernatural Resources) was a voodoo high priestess. SPI’s non-disclosure agreements for new employees were signed in her office and in their blood. It didn’t matter who or what you did or didn’t worship, nobody messed with voodoo. No one had ever even thought about blabbing about the agency to the press or anyone else.

Even with all the foot traffic, I had no trouble spotting him.

He’d taken off his balaclava to try to blend in, but all that did was give him a serious case of hat hair.

I really like this series, and highly recommend it when you want something fun to read.
Rating: 9/10

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