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Princeless, Vol 2: Get Over Yourself

Monday, February 27, 2017

Princeless, Vol 2: Get Over Yourself (2014) Jeremy Whitley and Emily Martin

Fun! Although not quite as good as the first.

Adrienne has rescued herself and has now decided to rescue the rest of her sisters–even if said sisters are not quite sure they need rescued.

Boy is Adrienne’s older sister Angelica irritating. Part of me was irritated that she remained irritating at the end, but the more reasonable part of me realized that was probably more realistic.

And I LOVE the bits about Adrienne’s hair.

Another thing I liked is that we’re starting to get a more multi-dimensional picture of her family.

Yes, it’s ridiculous that her dad locked her (and her sisters) away in towers, but we are learning more about her father, which I like. (Though of all her siblings we’ve met, I like her twin the best so far).

Definitely something for the bigger small people.
Rating: 8/10

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