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Kitty’s Big Trouble

Sunday, March 12, 2017

Kitty’s Big Trouble (2011) Carrie Vaughn

After finding an old interview with a Civil War soldier claiming that General Sherman was a werewolf, Kitty goes looking for a way to prove it one way or another. She’s also get some other historical figures who may or may not have been supernatural as well.

When a call for help from Anastasia takes Kitty, Ben, and Cormac out to San Francisco, things (as expected) go pear shaped.

“If you told me what was wrong, I might be able to help you.”

“I don’t think I can do that.”

“If it’s a secret—”

“No. I just don’t think I’m capable of explaining the last five hours to anyone.”

I think my favorite character in this story is Sun. But then, I’m a sucker for tricksters.

“That’s a pretty big dog,” Sun said.

“It’s not a dog, it’s my husband!”

“Huh. That’s progressive.”

“Shut up, he’s a werewolf, too.”

“Yeah? Hi there.” Sun waved.

Of course, I’m a particular fan of Asian mythologies, so I was pretty much bound to enjoy those parts of this book.

Sun Wukong is a Buddhist hero. Xiwangmu is a Taoist goddess, but they both end up in the same story about the Monkey King stealing the Elixir of Immortality from her.

There are also bits about Roman, as that story arc gets more and more threatening.
Rating: 7.5/10

Publishes by Tor

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