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Who Killed Sherlock Holmes? Audio Edition

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Who Killed Sherlock Holmes? Audio Edition (2016) Paul Cornell narrated by Damian Lynch

Quill’s group is in trouble. After events in the last book, Ross is abrely acknowledging Costain’s existence, Quill is obsessed with the sign outside Hell, and Lofthouse is finally looking into resolving her own problems.

The three other members of his team were standing apart from one another, looking off in different directions, like they were an indie band posing for an album cover.

Only Sefton is doing well, looking further into the “London shit” his team has to deal with. But that’s hardly enough to keep the team from falling apart around him.

On top of that, someone is reenacting the Sherlock Holmes murders–in order, starting with a body found poisoned with the word RACHE written in blood. This is extra problematic because three different Sherlock Holmes stories are currently filming in London, and it’s possible the actors could be targeted.

All three actors were surprisingly short, and thinner than human beings were meant to be. It was, Quill thought, like addressing a group of Hobbits.

I really like this series. It’s dark, it’s depressing, bad things happen, but in the end it makes me feel better. It was also satisfying to learn why Lofthouse believed the group when they told her of impossible things she couldn’t see.

And the narration is wonderful.
Rating: 8.5/10

Published by Audible Studios


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