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Jar City, Audio Edition

Sunday, December 10, 2017

Jar City (2000/2004/2011) Arnaldur Indridason translated by Bernard Scudder narrated by George Guidall

This ended up being the next book to listen to in the car.

Michael doesn’t love mysteries as much as I do, but he does enjoy them, so I decided to try this one, since I do love this story.

First, this is a fabulous mystery. Michael didn’t appreciate it quite as much as I did, but he did enjoy it.

As to the narration, Michael had trouble keeping the characters separate, since in Iceland they primarily use only first names, and in this story, a lot of the characters have names that started with E or A, and the names were spoken with an Icelandic accent (as they should be) which made the names even harder to parse.

I’d read the book before (more than once, actually) so I didn’t have the same issue with names as Michael did, but I do remember having a hard time keeping the characters straight while reading the first book.

So that’s something to keep in mind if you want to listen to (or even read) this story.

Publisher: Recorded Books


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