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Runaways: Rock Zombies

Runaways: Rock Zombies (2009) Terry Moore, Takeshi Miyazawa, Christiana Strain First things first: Wha? The last two stories? Wha? This volume starts at the radio station where Chase has been working. Val has decided he wants to money and power and all that, so attempts to turn all of LA into zombies. And I have […]

Runaways: Dead Wrong

Runaways : Dead Wrong (2009) Terry Moore, Humberto Ramos, Christiana Strain, Dave Meikis Well. That was disappointing. Don’t get me wrong, it wasn’t horrible or anything, but it wasn’t the quality I’ve come to expect from Runaways. First, the review I read on Amazon was spot on–I really dislike the Humberto Ramos’ art. Some of […]

Runaways: Dead End Kids

Runaways Vol 8: Dead End Kids (2008) Joss Whedon, Michael Ryan, and Christina Strain Finally! The next installment of Runaways! And boy have things changed. First and foremost, Brian K Vaughan gave up his writing duties on Runaways to Joss Whedon. Second, the format changed, and instead of the little tiny book, Dead End Kids […]

Civil War: Runaways & New Avengers

Civil War: Runaways & New Avengers (2007) Zeb Wells, Stefano Caselli As I have mentioned previously, I love Runaways and what Brian K Vaughan has done with the series. So I hesitated to pick up this tie in, because I know nothing about the whole Marvel “Civil War” storyline, and know nothing about the New […]

Runaways 7: Live Fast

Runaways 7: Live Fast (2007) Brian K Vaughan, Adrian Alphona, Mike Norton, Craig Young After ordering and reading volume 6, Parental Guidance, I was able to read volume 7, Live Fast, and I have to say that the beginning made a lot more sense. The Runaways are dealing with their losses, and attempting to adapt […]

Runaways 6: Parental Guidance

Runaways 6: Parental Guidance (2006) Brian K Vaughan, Adrian Alpohna, Craig Yeung I somehow missed publication of volume 6 of Runaways, but saw when volume 7 came out. Considering the events in Parental Guidance, I was quite confused when I started to read volume 7, and quickly realized I’d missed several important events. Luckily, Amazon […]

Runaways Vol 5: Escape to New York

Runaways Vol 5: Escape to New York (2006) Brian K Vaughan, Adrian Alphona, Takeshi Miyazawa Escape to New York is the fifth volume of the Runaways series. The Runaways are still trying to clean up the mess they created when they took out their parent’s crime syndicate, and for now they’re allowing Victor to remain […]

Runaways Vol 4: True Believers

Runaways Vol 4: True Believers (2005) Brian K Vaughan, Adrian Alphona, Craig Yeung True Believers is the fourth installment in the Runaways series, telling the story of five teens who ran away after discovering their parents were super-villains. Still on the run from Foster Care, the Runaways are hiding out under the La Brea Museum, […]

Runaways Vol 3: The Good Die Young

Runaways Vol 3: The Good Die Young (2004) Brian K. Vaughan And finally, the conclusion of the story arc started in Pride and Joy. We finally learn why the Pride formed, and what they were trying to do. And the teens finally resolve the problem. We also learn who the mole was, and why the […]

Runaways Vol 2: Teenage Wasteland

Runaways Vol 2: Teenage Wasteland (2003) Brian K. Vaughan Now that they’ve escaped from their parents, the runaways are trying to figure out what to do with themselves. To amend for their parent’s actions, some of them believe that they should fight evil themselves, but they’re broke and hungry and still scared and shaken up, […]

Runaways Vol 1: Pride & Joy

Runaways Vol 1: Pride & Joy (2003) Brian K. Vaughan The series Runaways came up as a recommendation for me several times, and it looked interesting. However, I am wary books with of teenage characters, because if they’re not well done, I find them intolerably annoying. Luckily, the characters in Runaways may be teenagers, but […]