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Runaways Vol 3: The Good Die Young

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Runaways Vol 3: The Good Die Young (2004) Brian K. Vaughan

And finally, the conclusion of the story arc started in Pride and Joy.

We finally learn why the Pride formed, and what they were trying to do. And the teens finally resolve the problem. We also learn who the mole was, and why the mole acted as they did. (Was it justified? Maybe. Understandable? More so.) This shouldn’t have been a complete surprise, as there was definite foreshadowing in Teenage Wasteland.

There’s really a lot to like about this concluding story arc. All the story plots and things I found odd are tied together, and the solution wasn’t easy, which I really liked.

The best thing about these three books, however, is the story. Once I started I had to keep reading till I found out what happened. I put down book two and immediately grabbed book three and dove right in. I had to keep reading. (Of course I’m really bad at being patient, so take that into consideration.)

I also liked the characters, and enjoyed their reactions to each other. My favorite bit was Molly sticking her tongue out and complaining “Eww, they’re using tongues!” That cracked me up.

I liked the characters, I loved the story, and I think that it lived up to being a fantastic idea. I definitely recommend Runaways. However, on the off chance of another multi-book story arc, I’m going to hold off on reading book four.
Rating: 8/10

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