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Flight of Magpies

Thursday, May 10, 2018

Flight of Magpies (2014) K.J. Charles

The third book of the Charm of Magpies series finds Stephen and Lord Crane struggling to come to terms with Vaudrey’s desire to leave England and Stephen’s dedication to his job–a job that offers little remuneration but a lot of danger.

Crane had promised he wouldn’t leave the country without him, and meant it, but his thoughts had undeniably turned from how he could stay in England to how he could make Stephen cross the seas with him.

Even worse, Stephen’s partner, Esther Gold, is currently unable to practice magic.

“For Mrs. Gold. I hope she’s well?”

“No, she’s sick. More or less continually, which is unpleasant for her, and since she is the worst patient of my acquaintance, fairly nasty for me.”

What is best about this series is that the characters are very well done. Each is well-developed and unique, and most of them refuse to take themselves seriously.

He wasn’t familiar with the operation of the patent stove or the boiler, and if it came to that, it was a long time since he’d made a cup of coffee for himself.

“Congratulations, Vaudrey, you’ve become purely decorative,” he said aloud.

As I’ve noted before, this is M/M erotica, so there is a lot of boinking, but I really like the characters, and I really liked the story and how Stephen and Vaudrey work out their problems.
Rating: 8/10

Publisher: KJC Books

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