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Vicious Circle, Audio Edition

Sunday, October 14, 2018

Vicious Circle, Audio Edition (2006/2008) Mike Carey narrated by Michael Kramer

Since Felix is not longer comfortable doing exorcisms, he’s been acting as a consultant for the Met–reading murder scenes to see if he can get an idea of what happened. After reading a particularly brutal murder, he then has to go to the Stanger, where Rafi is still being held, although that seems to be further and further up in the air.

Felix ends up trying to calm Rafi down after something seems to go terribly wrong; except that when Rafi wakes up, he seems to be back to normal.

Additionally, a couple come to Felix asking him to find their dead daughter–her ghost had been stolen / kidnapped and they wanted her back.

We also discover that the Catholic church has a group that keeps loup-garou in retainer. AND Juliet asks Felix to come double check a location she’s been called to exorcise.

A whole lot of things going on, any one of which could cause problems for Felix.

And does, since he ends up getting beaten up and eventually accused of murder.

This is the book Michael and I are listening to in the car. It’d been years since I last ready the books, and Michael may not actually have read the entire series, so it’s working out well.

Mostly because I really like Felix’s smart-ass take on everything.

I wasn’t wasting any sympathy, because you never know when you’re going to run out.

…hangover of the spirit. How the hell do you cure that? A hair of the god that bit you?

The world-spirit. Right, because there’s a consciousness in back of the universe and it loves all its children: we get daily evidence of that in terms of famine, plague, and flood.

I also like the narrator for this series, although I’ll admit that listening to two series set in London and environs, with smart-ass protagonists is a bit disconcerting.

Publisher: Tantor Audio
Rating: 8/10

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