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Silver Bourne

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Silver Bourne (2010) Patricia Briggs

Every time I get a new Patricia Briggs book, I hesitate before reading it, afraid that this is the time she’ll let me down. That her previous books can’t be nearly as good as I remember them, and maybe this time I’ll be disappointed.

I never am, but that doesn’t stop me from being afraid, probably because so many story lines have disappointed me in the past.

Mercy is still working things out with Adam and his pack, while they are trying to work out accepting her, a coyote as part of their pack. And if things were not hard enough, Samuel suddenly goes off the deep end (almost literally) and his problems are thrown into Mercy’s problems with Pack politics.

Then to add insult to injury, Tad asks Mercy to check on a friend–a book seller from whom she borrowed a book–and it seems as if Phin is in serious trouble and no one but Mercy seems to know about it.

Have I mentioned before how much I really really like Mercy? Because I do. She’s not all powerful. She recognizes her own limitations. She cares deeply about people and will ignore her own safety to help others. What more could I want in a heroine?

SPOILER (rot13)
Nobhg gur bayl guvax V jnfa’g 100% ba obneq jvgu sbe guvf fgbel jnf gur erfbyhgvba bs Fnzhry’f ceboyrz. Abg gung V gubhtug vg jnf n onq erfbyhgvba, whfg gung V svaq vg… hafrggyvat… gung Oena’f fbaf ner nyy svaqvat gjbb yheir jura gurl’ir orra ybaref sbe fb ybat. Vg whfg srry n yvggyr gbb cng.

Although it is not horrible, this is not my favorite Mercy cover. I just canNOT see Mercy wearing that outfit. I know they’re not sexy, but can we go back to the coveralls? Please?

But aside from those two quibbles, this was another good Mercy Thompson book, and I wait impatiently for the next to come out in paperback.
Rating: 8/10

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