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Rivers of London: Detective Stories Vol. 4

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Rivers of London: Vol. 4 Detective Stories (2017) Ben Aaronovitch, Andrew Cartmel, Luis Guerrero, Lee Sullivan

The fourth Rivers of London comic finds Peter being interviewed to become a detective.

The gentleman interviewing him is a bit unprepared for what he’s about to get.

There is a lot to love about this comic.

First off, we get to see Lesley–both before and after the accident.

We’re reminded what a good cop Lesley was going to be, before the accident, which makes her betrayal even harder to understand.

We do get to see Lesley apart from Peter’s impressions of her, which is nice, and also her doing things on her own–including talking with Oberon.

Speaking of which, we don’t get a lot of Oberon, but we get more than we’ve seen in the past, which is nice. (We don’t get much Beverly Brook, or DC Guleed, but if this was all secondary characters, we wouldn’t get much Peter.)

It’s interesting to see Oberon’s history, as well as his comfort with himself, in some very interesting panels when he is acting as a model for live drawing class.

The other thing that made an impression on me was the ghost story Peter solves. I loved the way the people from the past were portrayed–most of the scene is in grayscale with a single element of color standing out.

I very much liked those panels.

As far as Peter’s development, there wasn’t a whole lot, but we got to see him passing his tests, and we got to see more of Lesley (I have my own thoughts about Lesley, but that could just be I don’t want to admit that she turned to the dark side of the force just to get her face fixed.

It’s another good entry into the series, and I do recommend it.
Rating: 8/10

Publisher: Titan

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