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Harbinder Kaur: The Postscript Murders (2021)

Harbinder Kaur 

The Postscript Murders (2021)

The Postscript MurdersApparently I don't love mysteries written in the present tense. Primarily because sentences like this are jarring.

There's another man called either Brodie or Brady, Harbinder never does discover which it is.

Can she see into the future that she will never learn his name?

Which was slightly frustrating, because I really liked almost everything else about the story.

DS HARBINDER KAUR is working late. She doesn't mind particularly. If she goes home, her mother will only start talking to her about internet dating ('It's the latest thing. There's even a special Sikh What's Up Group')

Harbinder is delightful.

As is Benedict.

Benedict once went on a roller coaster at Thorpe Park. As soon as he was strapped in his seat, he realised that the ride was a very bad idea. But it was too late, the car had plunged downwards, unstoppable and terrifying. He has the same feeling now.

And Edwin.

It's quite exhilarating, being annoyed by someone, especially a friend. It's been a long time since he's spent so much concentrated time with other people.

Really, pretty much everyone.

My one worry was that since I hadn't read a book by this author before, one of the characters we were following was going to be killed.

They were not, luckily.

But I really didn't care for the present tense, so I'm not positive if I'll read another book.

Publisher: Mariner Books

January 2022 | Rating: 7/10