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These Old Shades

Tuesday, July 30, 2019

These Old Shades (1926) Georgette Heyer

I finished some good books, which left me unsure what I wanted to read next, so I turned to a favorite, These Old Shades.

It’s an historical romance where the heroine is pretending as a boy, the hero is a horrible person to is believed beyond redemption, and there are all kinds of hi-jinks, including babies switched at birth and kidnapping.

‘I must wear petticoats, and not say bad words, and always be with a woman. It is very hard.

But why is this story so awesome? First, it’s written in 1926 and set before the French revolution. Second, Leonie.

Perhaps Rupert will come and save me, but I think that I will save myself, and not wait for Rupert.

It’s fun and a romp and has Slythern + Hufflepuff and just a delight.

Publisher: Sourcebooks Casablanca
Rating: 9/10

Categories: 9/10, British, Historical, Reread, Romance

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