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Known Devil

Friday, February 21, 2020

Known Devil (2014) Justin Gustainis (Occult Crimes Unit Investigation)

Known DevilAlas, the end of the Occult Crimes Unit Investigation series. Just three books, but they’re fun ones.

Stan and Karl are taking their coffee break when a pair of elves attempt to hold up the diner where they are having their coffee. What makes no sense is that the elves seems strung out, and everyone knows the supes can’t get addicted to drugs.

Unless everyone is wrong and things have changed.

What I love best about this series is how goofy it is and how it twists pop culture.

The book I’d bought was Sematary Danse, the new exposé of the funeral industry by that true-crime writer, Stephen King.

And really, how could one not love a book that references the short story everyone had to read?

I was barely halfway out of the crouch when I heard the sound of the shot that killed me.

It didn’t, of course – but I was pretty confused for a moment. I even had the crazy thought this was some kind of “Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge” moment.

But mostly, in and around the gruesomeness is some delightful dark humor.

Cops at crime scenes don’t have to park at crazy angles that nobody else would imitate – we do it because we can.

Really lovely dark humor.

I said, “Look, I dragged myself out of my bed of pain because it seems like the gang war’s escalating. I want to know what the fuck happened here and why.”

“Short version,” Scanlon said. “The answer to your first question is ‘car bomb’, and I’m guessing the answer to the second one is ‘to kill a bunch of folks’.”

Plus, the rather realistic life of a supernatural cop, which involves a lot of paperwork and a occasionally ridiculousness.

A woman living on Kaiser Avenue reported a werewolf prowling around her house. Karl and I didn’t turn up any werewolves, but we did find a guy from the neighborhood – he could’ve used a haircut and a beard trim, but he was still human – who liked to peek through windows.

I really do like this series and wish there’d been more books. I’ve read several of his Quincy Morris books, but they just didn’t have that dark humor.

Publisher: Angry Robot
Rating: 8.5/10


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