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A Spy for the Redeemer

Thursday, March 12, 2020

A Spy for the Redeemer (2002) Candace Robb (Owen Archer)

Spy for the RedeemerSet in Wales and York in 1371

Owen is still in Wales seeing over the tomb of his father-in-law. But when the sculptor is killed, Archdeacon Rokelyn all but demands that Owen look into the death, which leads Owen to further wonder where his loyalties lie–with Wales or with his family back in York.

Back in York, Lucie misses Owen not just because she loves him, but because their adopted son Jasper is a teenager and sullen and angry and she believes Owen could understand him better. Then there is an attack on her father’s home, and Lucie has to decide how to deal with it (as well as with her aunt who is growing more confused).

God seemed at least to have spared Phillippa the headaches. It was the hardest thing to bear, watching a loved one suffer and being unable to help them.

I was glad to return to Lucie. It’s not that I dislike Owen or his POV, but I also like spending time with Lucie. There are two mysteries in this story–who killed the sculptor in Wales, and who attacked Lucie’s home in York. Combined with Jasper acting up (because: teenager)

Jasper yanked his hand from Lucie’s and pushed his straight, sand-coloured hair from his forehead with an impatient gesture. ‘Peppercorns for nasturtium seeds. It is a mistake anyone might make.’ His tone was insolent.

Lucie resisted the urge to slap him. ‘Any fool can tell the difference between the two, in scent as well as hardness. I cannot think how you made such an error. Look at me when I speak to you.’

Jasper met her gaze, then dropped his eyes, hunching his shoulders. ‘It will not happen again.’

All of York gossiping that Owen is not coming back

‘Owain Lawgoch, Owain of the Red Hand. Thou hast heard the tales?’

‘Yes. What has he to do with Owen?’

‘It is said that Bird-eye might see in the princeling a noble cause.’

‘Who accuses my husband of treason?’

‘Magda guesses none accuse, they wonder.’

‘Who could think such a thing of Owen?’

‘Though he is thy husband, he is yet a stranger from the west.’

Lucie’s issue with a customer

Would Alice Baker start rumours about Lucie’s incompetence while she was not here to defend herself? Alice’s jaundice was not Lucie’s fault— most people would know that. For most of her married life Alice had complained of sleeplessness and fluttering of the heart.

Owen wondering if he belongs in York or Wales

Iolo shook his head. ‘Spoken like a shopkeeper and clerk of the archbishop. I never thought to hear such a thing from you.’

Nor had Owen ever thought to say such a thing. Had his love for Lucie and his children unmanned him?

And Brother Michaelo suffering guilt

Michaelo forced himself to think on his many sins, so to mortify his spirit as he had mortified his flesh

Well, there is a LOT happening in this story.

Too much at times, which I think detracted from the story. It wasn’t a bad story, there really was just two much going on.

Publisher: Diversion Books
Rating: 7.5/10


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