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Shattered Bonds

Sunday, May 24, 2020

Shattered Bonds (2019) Faith Hunter (Jane Yellowrock)

Shattered BondsThis book came out last October. I started it, and immediately realized I just wasn’t up to reading a book that was all action and bad stuff from the get go.

At the end of the last book, Leo is dead, the vampire world is in chaos, and Jane had run away to the mountains after realizing that her magics have twisted her body and are killing her.

This book opens with Jane’s primo, Ed, being tortured and disappearing from Jane’s mind.

I just couldn’t.

But with a long weekend I figured I could read it and still have recover time to read something less upsetting. So I restarted it.

This book is tiring.

There is no down time, it is all action from the get-go, and all bad things happening to people Jane loves, while Jane struggles with her illness, with trying to deal with the magics that are killing her.

There are some calm places in the story. Places where Jane rejoices in her family, where she attempt to deal with her past, where she faces the things she has done to be who she has become.

The braid of a Cherokee was an indication of spiritual status and mystical strength. The hair was re-braided only by someone completely trusted.

But it is a lot, and it is fast.

She talks to her brother, who she still hasn’t quite forgiven–and who I am still leery of, since it seems ridiculous he took to long to appear and check out what seemed to be another skinwalker. The whole thing just bothers me, coming as late as he does into this series.

The other very hard thing was the limited information Jane was getting about what else was happening in the world–especially in New Orleans.

It’s just all too much, and I don’t see how we can have a following book that isn’t just like this one–all action with very down time and discovery.

Publisher: Ace
Rating: 7.5/10


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