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Family Matters

Tuesday, March 9, 2021

Family Matters (2018) Angel Martinez (Brandywine Investigations)

Family MattersMy feelings for this book are summed up in just how WONDERFUL this cover is.

Because it’s awesome, and so is the book.


Why do you wear a kilt? It’s the tail, isn’t it? Though kilts are cool.

As with the previous book, there are three stories:
Books, Bulls, & Bacchanals
Midwinter Dancing
Pack Up the Moon

The first story, Books, Bulls, & Bacchanals, is Dionysus & Leander and it’s my favorite. I mean, a Minotaur in a kilt.

The second story, “Midwinter Dancing” is a short story featuring Ing and a goddess she meets in the woods.

The third story circles back around to the first story in the first book, and is about Charon (who is ace) and Azeban, the trickster racoon god.

Charon raised a hand and shouted, “Stay!”

Ti froze and Nike skidded to a stop on the front hallway tiles.

“Good girl,” Charon called to her. He patted Ti’s shoulder on the way past. “Good human.”

I just adore the world building in these books. And the characters.

I particularly liked Azeban interacted with the library assistants.

A trampling stampede of small paws saved him from saying any more stupid things. A small horde of four-footed people— a wave of red, black, and white— rushed toward him, and Azeban couldn’t help himself. He cried out Cousins! as he abruptly changed aspects, dropping to the carpet on all fours and emerging from the robe in raccoon form to greet the sleuth of red pandas. They snuffled and chirped in greeting, butting heads and rubbing against him. They smelled of paper and ink, of wood and leather, so these were library red pandas.

It’s sweet and fun and an enjoyable romp.

And did I mention Minotaur in a kilt?

Publisher : Mischief Corner Books, LLC
Rating: 9/10


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