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Whom the Gods Love

Sunday, May 9, 2021

Whom the Gods Love (1995) Kate Ross (Julian Kestrel Mysteries)

Whom the Gods LoveSet in England in 1825.

So there you have it, Mr. Kestrel. I’m appealing to you as a father, as a man of law, as a British subject— Why can I never say anything simply? After twenty years at the Bar, a man forgets what plain and honest discourse is.” Sir Malcolm faced Julian squarely. “Help me, Mr. Kestrel. Help me find out who killed my son.”

What I think about Falkland is that he was spread too thin. Do you see what I mean? He was all things to all people, and nothing important to anybody. In a twelve-month, nobody will remember him— or if they do, it will only be for the way he died.”

“I think that may be the profoundest and saddest thing anyone has said about him.”

A good many young men get themselves admitted to Inns of Court as a sort of gentlemen’s club, and since the only real requirement for being called to the Bar is to eat a certain number of dinners in Hall every year, a man can qualify himself to practise law without ever studying at all.

(T)here are no qualifications for becoming a magistrate other than to have a sufficient income to make one proof against bribery.

People of intense imagination are apt to sympathize with the poor and despised— they envision themselves in the same plight, and the picture is so real and horrifying, it impels them to action.

Publisher : Felony & Mayhem Press
Rating: 9/10


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