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The Fangs of Freelance

Monday, June 28, 2021

The Fangs of Freelance (2017) Drew Hayes (Fred, the Vampire Accountant)

The Fangs of Freelance

“Hold on, do you think I’ve been acting as the face of the company, only to shove the actual accounting onto someone else? How does that make sense, given my career in life? For that matter, who would choose me as the face of a company?”

“I don’t want to brag or anything, but I’ve been called in to answer for my account discrepancies and collateral damage a lot.”

“You shouldn’t want to brag,” Arch pointed out. “Those are bad things.”

“Look, just because you always keep up with every receipt and never get creative when handling your threats doesn’t mean the rest of us wear boredom like a badge of honor.” She stuck her tongue out at Arch, then patted me on the shoulder. “No offense, Freddy.”

I actually hadn’t taken offense right up until that moment.

Since it seemed all those with claim to the estate were either deceased or under arrest for, and again I’ll quote the document, “crimes against the commonly agreed upon reality,” the estate and everything within had become government property.

Richard Alderson, head of Winslow’s therian tribe, host to the King of the West, and all-around imposing figure, pulled his minivan to a stop only a few feet away from Bubba’s truck.

I do adore Richard.

Publisher: REUTS Publications
Rating: 8/10

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