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Deadly Assessments

Monday, July 5, 2021

Deadly Assessments (2018) Drew Hayes (Fred, the Vampire Accountant)

Deadly Assessments

“Fear not, small people. Come forth and listen to the great works of Fred and his accounting firm!”

Deborah’s voice caught me by surprise. I was so wrapped up in mentally planning for the work ahead that I’d nearly forgotten people often conversed while riding in cars together.

Truthfully, I was used to working with little information during a crisis, but the more time I spent with Deborah, the more I realized that such really shouldn’t be the case. I’d always known I’d survived some dicey situations on pure luck and the assistance of powerful friends, but I was only now beginning to grasp just how out of my depth I’d really been.

“You’re good at it in the way a person who has never touched alcohol is exceptional at not getting drunk. You’ve never felt the desire, Fred. Never had to wrestle with that beast in your belly, the one that demands to be fed.

(K)indness is, in fact, the very opposite of weakness. Kindness is a display of strength.”

Publisher: REUTS Publications
Rating: 8/10

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