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Death at the Crystal Palace

Tuesday, September 21, 2021

Death at the Crystal Palace (2021) Jennifer Ashley (A Below Stairs Mystery Book)

Death at the Crystal PalaceSet in England in 1882.

Kat is visiting the Crystal Palace on her day off with Lady Cynthia and her friends (as well as with her daughter), when a woman comes up to her and claims that she is being poisoned, and wants Kat to help her.

As she is trying to figure out how do manage that, Daniel is called away to work on another case, so she has to turn to her other friends for assistance.

As well as Daniel’s brother.

“My dear woman, I am a master of discretion. I convinced the Church of England to let me take orders, didn’t I?

Additionally, Lady Cynthia’s parents have come to Town, and are threatening to take her back to the country with them.

“Papa has run through the last of the money already, has he? Only yesterday he was telling me he was in funds.”

“For important things,” Lady Clifford said. “Not for paying the bills of a girl-child.”

The mystery was interesting, and we continue to learn dribs and drabs about Daniel, and why he is indebetted to Mr. Monaghan.

We also see both Grace and James growing up.

Publisher: Berkley
Rating: 8/10

Categories: 8/10, British, eBook, Female, Good, Historical, LGBT, Mystery
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