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The Ghost Wore Yellow Socks

Friday, September 24, 2021

The Ghost Wore Yellow Socks (2008) Josh Lanyon

The Ghost Wore Yellow SocksThis is an interesting story in a lot of ways.

First, I think this is one of her earlier books, and the writing isn’t quite as smooth as I’ve come to expect from her.

Secondly, it’s set in that weird time where before DADT ended and before everyone had cell phones.

They could hear the phone ringing from inside.

Perry ate his breakfast silently while Nick stared out the window. The phone rang and Nick went to answer it. Perry heard him pick up, and then after a moment of silence, say curtly, “We’ll be right over.”

And back when pizza delivery was still a common thing.

Jane was taking delivery of a pizza as they reached the front hall. She paid the girl in her brightly-colored uniform…

And of course this bit:

“Okay, what about this friend of yours? Where did you meet him?”

“Over the Internet.”

“Over the Internet? You mean, like in a chat room?”

So it’s not an amazing story, but it’s fun and it’s fascinating to see how much she has matured as a writer.

Publisher: JustJoshin Publishing, Inc
Rating: 7/10

Categories: 7.5/10, Cozy, eBook, LGBT, Mystery, Reread, Romance, Sexual Content
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