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Lessons in Temptation

Monday, February 14, 2022

Lessons in Temptation (2009) Charlie Cochrane (Cambridge Fellows)

Lessons in TemptationSet in England in 1907

Orlando is sent off to see if any of a collection of books being sold in Bath would be worth purchasing. Jonty takes the time as a vacation, and becomes involved in a production of Macbeth with an old friend.

“I’ll definitely come and see it if you’re a tree. In fact, if they give you any part that means you can’t speak for two hours that would be an absolute bonus.”

Unfortunately, the old friend is a cad.

“And yes, I do tend to get what I want, especially if I want it a lot.” He cast his gaze around the dining room, as if looking for something he might take a shine to, let his glance alight on Jonty, linger and then sweep on.

I had several problems with this story. First, I really didn’t like Jimmy trying to seduce Jonty–and Jonty actually thinking about it. I just… it struck me as extremely illogical considering what we’ve learned about Jonty in the past. The fact there was any doubt of Jonty’s fidelity just seemed out of character.

Secondly, there is a lot of discussion about abortion–and there are a lot of opinions about it, almost all of which are made by men. It’s an important part of the story, but I feel like both Jonty and Orlando both should have been more incensed by women needing to turn to prostitution rather than getting rid of an unwanted baby.

It’s clear now Orlando is demisexual.

It made him feel physically sick, as always happened when he contemplated sexual activity that wasn’t within the context of a loving relationship. Bodies bought and sold like meat, pleasure and intimacy shared for the exchange of coin, simply scandalised him.

“It’s not about love and if it’s not about love than what’s the point of…” Orlando stopped short of saying the word sex.

This story just was just a little too problematic for me, on several levels.

Publisher: Lume Books
Rating: 6/10


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