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Dark Heir, Audio Edition

Wednesday, February 23, 2022

Dark Heir, Audio Edition (2015) Faith Hunter narrated by Khristine Hvam (Jane Yellowrock)

Dark HeirThis is the point where story arcs begin to leak between books, with more being unresolved than is resolved.

I don’t actually blame her for this, because the story has been building for almost a decade, so it is now heading towards the ultimate resolution.

Everyone now knows the Son of Darkness is in New Orleans, and the European vamps are extremely unhappy.

The book opens with the Son of Darkness, escaping (with help) from the sub-five basement. The resulting massacre has the entire city rising up against the vampires, while Jane and everyone else tries to figure out how to stop one of the two most powerful vampires in the world.

On the plus side for this book, we get an unusual amount of Sabina, who has always been one of the more complicated vampires. (Her back story would be a heck of a tale all by itself.)

We also get lots of Eli and Alex, which I adore.

The woman behind the desk greeted me as “Honey,” and told me my boyfriend would be out in a minute. When I said he wasn’t my boyfriend, she offered to take him off my hands and laughed.

Eli remains one of my favorite characters.

“You’re going to drink coffee?”

“Odd how you picked that out of the really good stuff that I just said.”

“I heard it all. The only weird part was you drinking coffee.”

I was less enamored of the boinking. I feel like Jane would have been much better off sleeping than boinking–especially considering how sleep deprived and exhausted she is through the entire book. Not to mention the amount of injury she takes in this book.

We also got far less of Beast, which always makes me a little said, because I love her voice.

Staring down at good, stinky water full of big fish. Jane called them cat-fish, but fish are not cats. Fish are food for cats. Fish are good to eat. Fish with whiskers like cat and spines to stick, like claws of cat.

This is book nine, so I’m more than halfway through my reread. If I’m lucky I’ll read the pentultimate book right before the final book comes out.

Publisher: Audible Studios
Rating: 8/10


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