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The October Man, Audio Version

Friday, April 29, 2022

The October Man, Audio Version (2019) Ben Aaronovitch narrated by Sam Peter Jackson (Rivers of London)

The October ManLondon isn’t the only city with magic.

I ended up in the Abteilung KDA because I didn’t talk myself out of it fast enough, and because the Director has a vile sense of humour. I ended up learning magic because you can’t trust the British to keep to an agreement over the long term.

There has been a strange death, and Tobias Winter is investigating, much as Peter would in London.

When they described what they were doing to Uwe, he asked to join their “good wine club”, which came as a surprise to Jörg and Markus because up to that point they hadn’t known it existed.

That’s when they all agreed to expand the remit of the Good Wine Drinking Association beyond its original charter. They decided to come up with a list of new experiences that they could aspire to— the only restriction being that they couldn’t be too expensive or interfere with work.

Publisher: Tantor Audio

Rating: 8/10


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