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The Lawrence Browne Affair

Sunday, August 28, 2022

The Lawrence Browne Affair (2017) Cat Sebastian (The Turner Series)

The Lawrence Browne AffairSet in England in 1816.

Lawrence has a reputation as a madman.

A reputation he fully believes.

Penkellis was no place for a child, madmen were not fit guardians, and nobody knew those facts better than Lawrence himself, who had been raised under precisely those conditions.

Georgie needs to get out of London immediately.

Georgie had taken matters into his own hands, and now Georgie was persona non grata in London, and probably everywhere else that wasn’t the bottom of the Thames.

When Georgie’s brother suggests he take a position as the Lord Radnor’s secretary, it’s not as if Georgie has other options. Lawrence, however, doesn’t really want anyone in his rooms.

Lawrence felt his chest tighten, his lungs constrict, as if he were being buried alive. He needed to be alone, to be in control, to do whatever he needed to make these sensations stop.

Which is part of why Lawrence is convinced he will go mad like his father and brother did. Despite everything he does to try and keep it from happening.

“Firewood,” he offered after a moment. “It’s too cold to swim.”

“Ah.” The vicar had known Lawrence long enough to be familiar with his habits. “I see.”

Lawrence had learned years ago that when he felt the creeping unease that signaled what he had come to think of as an attack of madness, he could sometimes set his mind to rights by exhausting himself.

I really do like this story. First: scientist. Second: Lawrence.

he was operating on the vague sense that when in doubt about the correct course of action, he ought to consult his desires and behave contrary to them.

It’s a lovely story that I enjoy returning to.

Publisher: Avon Impulse

Rating: 8/10


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