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The Gorgon Agenda

Sunday, February 12, 2023

The Gorgon Agenda (2023) Lisa Shearin (SPI Files)

The Gorgon AgendaI seem to have forgotten much of the previous book. But now I check the publication date, I bought it a the end of March 2021, so, yeah, that explains it.

The Aegis–the mythical shield with Medeusa’s head head embedded in the center, has been stolen from Vivienne Sandrago, the head of SPI–and a dragon, who is very unhappy someone has taken something from her hoard.

And that person was most likely aligned with Vivienne’s sister, Tiamat.

One of the things I have especially loved about this series is how sensible and down-to-earth SPI is.

Thick glass walls along both sides of the hall provided an unobstructed view into the labs. That way, if an experiment or subject got out of control, those windows let the folks across the hall know that all hell had broken loose and to please, when they had a minute, call for help.

Makenna has to go on many of these dangerous trips because she is the only seer the SPI has, and she is the only one who can see people and objects hidden by glamour. And because she has such a rare gift, SPI has done everything possible to keep her safe while allowing her to help her teammates.

And Makenna is aware of her limitations and sensible about them.

Axes were merely the more lethal cousin of Pin the Tail on the Donkey. The Garrisons knew their walls were safe. We were professionals. We knew what we were doing. And no, I didn’t include myself in that “we.” I still couldn’t throw for crap and wasn’t about to embarrass myself in front of my friends.

And I love the humor.

Using carbon dating, we estimate the gorgon who shed this scale is approximately seventy-two hundred years old.”

Silence. And a second later, we heard actual crickets. Someone had brought lunch to our little viper guest.

It’s possible this is the last book in the series, and I’m okay with that. Do I want to read more SPI cases? Of course. But if things end here, that’s ok.

Publisher: Murwood Media

Rating: 8/10


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