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Sunday, February 12, 2023

N or M? (1941) Agatha Christie (Tommy & Tuppence)

N or M?It’s 1940 and both Tommy & Tuppence feel useless.

“Well, come on, out with it. Nothing doing?”

“Nothing doing. They don’t want me in any capacity. I tell you, Tuppence, it’s pretty thick when a man of forty-six is made to feel like a doddering grandfather. Army, Navy, Air Force, Foreign Office, one and all say the same thing— I’m too old. I may be required later.”

I had to exert will to keep myself from looking up when various ages were called up for services in the second world war.

“And now I’m a poor, pushing, tiresome, middle-aged woman who won’t sit at home quietly and knit as she ought to do.”

Tommy said gloomily: “This war is hell.”

“It’s bad enough having a war,” said Tuppence, “but not being allowed to do anything in it just puts the lid on.”

I really enjoyed this glimpse of England towards the start of WW II.

“We’re saying,” said Miss Minton, “that it will all be over by the autumn.”

“Nonsense,” said Mr. Cayley. “This war is going to last at least six years.”

You take my word for it, this refugee business is dangerous. If I had my way I’d intern the lot of them. Safety first.”

Mrs. Sprot had just said in her thin fluting voice:

“Where I do think the Germans made such a mistake in the last war was to shoot Nurse Cavell. It turned everybody against them.”

“Before she died. Don’t you know what she said?”

He repeated the words:

“Patriotism is not enough . . . I must have no hatred in my heart.”

He aims at creating a new Britain— a Britain strong in its own power— ruled over, not by Germans, but by Englishmen. And the best type of Englishmen— Englishmen with brains and breeding and courage. A brave new world, as Shakespeare puts it.”

Publisher: William Morrow Paperbacks

Rating: 8/10


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