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Sunday, April 30, 2023

Paper Cuts (2023) Ellery Adams (A Secret, Book, and Scone Society)

Paper CutsA couple has opened a tea shop in town, and when Nora and her friends visit, she discovers one of the owners somehow seems to know her–and is distraught by the fact.

There were a surprising number of editing and continuity errors in this book.

“Daddy—sorry—Dad wants pop in hit the grocery store right after he stocks up on books.

That was probably the worst, since it took me a while to parse the sentence.

The continuity errors were more frustrating.

“We heard you were very anxious to have this,” Sheldon said, handing Nora her phone.

The case was bent, and the screen was so badly shattered that tiny triangles of glass were missing. Though she knew it was futile, Nora tried to turn the phone on. It didn’t work, of course.

Except that soon after:

it took Nora ten minutes to send McCabe a text. As soon as she hit send, she dropped her phone on the counter

Not only do we not see Nora getting a new phone, I don’t see how there was time for her to have gotten one.

The other issue is more of a nit: Nora is able to call people on a borrowed cell phone.

Who knows phone numbers any more? Seriously, I know my husband’s personal cell, but not his work cell or his work number, nor do I know any of the numbers of any of my friends or family. If there was an emergency I’d be able to call my husband and my parent’s land line, and…. that’s about it.

Another thing that bothered me was the bit about happy endings.

“If I’m reading a feelgood novel, it’s a comfort to know that a happy ending is guaranteed. But I’m also okay with a messy ending. If books reflect life, and life is messy, then I guess endings should be allowed to be untidy too.”

That’s not what bothers me. I strongly agree with that. Even in cozies I think it’s ok for justice not to be served–although the bad guy can’t remain a threat to any of the main characters.

Which is why I was frustrated that everything was neatly tied up at the end of this book.

Publisher: Kensington Cozies

Rating: 6/10


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