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Lament at Loon Landing

Friday, May 19, 2023

Lament at Loon Landing (2023) Josh Lanyon (Secrets and Scrabble)

This is the sixth book, and accidentally came out after the seventh. However, since it’s a cozy series, that wasn’t a serious issue.

Now that summer is over, Ellery is starting to worry the bookstore isn’t going to remain in the black until the tourists come back. But it’s possible the fall music festival might do something to help–after all, they’ve gotten a big name–even if she is trying to stage a comeback.

There were some editing issues–including some bits I never was able to parse, and there was some bits I had forgotten, which threw me a couple times (since I’d already read the book that came after this).

As always, I like Ellery. I mean,

Ellery did not like confrontation. He was getting better at dealing with it, out of self-preservation, but his instinct was still to avoid it when possible.

I don’t understand people who are able to deal with it.

And there are amusing bits.

Dylan said wildly, “I’m not trying to be useful! Distract him. All I need is five minutes head start.” He turned toward the door leading to the kitchen.

“What?” Ellery exclaimed. “Hell no, you’re not going to flee. It’s an island. Where would you flee to?”

But I did have a slight issue with Ellery and Jack being (yet again) unsure about their relationship.

Publisher: JustJoshin Publishing

Rating: 6/10

Categories: Cozy, eBook, Good Cover, LGBT, Mystery

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