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A Treacherous Curse, Audio Book

Tuesday, June 13, 2023

A Treacherous Curse, Audio Book (2018) Deanna Raybourn narrated by Angèle Masters (Veronica Speedwell)

A Treacherous CurseSet in England in 1888

Stoker blushed furiously. “For the love of God, put that thing away.”

“I cannot imagine why you are so bashful on the subject of the male genitalia of Homo sapiens when you are the only one of us who can boast of owning it,”

(I have pledged myself to honesty in these pages, gentle reader, so I will admit that in point of fact I had a rather ferocious wish to pry, but I had learnt through painful experience that Stoker responded far better to the oblique approach than to more direct methods.)

Yeah, no. She is an unreliable narrator, as she lies to herself all the time.

“She was human once,” he said finally. “She walked and breathed and loved people and she had a name. Ankheset. It will be inscribed on the heart scarab that someone laid upon her to protect her in the afterlife. That ought to be respected instead of letting the rabble in to paw at her. She deserves to rest in peace.”

Publisher: Recorded Books

Rating: 8/10


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