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Blitz, Audio Book

Friday, July 21, 2023

Blitz, Audio Book (2022) Daniel O’Malley narrated by Moira Quirk (The Rook Files)


“Our physicists are terrifically excited by the implications, but then, they’re in a state of almost constant excitement here. We’ve had to schedule enforced naps for all the scientists on Kirrin Island to keep them from working until they keel over.”

Responsible for supernatural security throughout the British Empire, the executives of the Checquy were all horrendously busy and had been even before the nation entered into war. As a result, they were generally called together for only the most serious issues, such as organization-level matters, internal inquests and trials, and holiday parties.

The Checquy cannot give you a map to your solution, but they can teach you to draw your own map.

They advised her that they had been conducting testing on rats and pigs using some of the rods she had infused with energy. Shuddering, she refused their offer to observe the trials, but they required her to review the close-up photographs and read the reports.

“You have a weapon,” said Dr. Allard severely. “You have to understand the implications and the ramifications of your abilities, have a full understanding of what you can unleash.”

Publisher: Little, Brown & Company

Rating: 10/10


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