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The Murders of Richard III

Sunday, September 24, 2023

The Murders of Richard III (1974) Elizabeth Peters (Jacqueline Kirby)

The Murders of Richard III

“No. It’s been dated to about 1580. Like most of the other portraits of Richard, it was probably copied from a lost original. The only one that might be a contemporary portrait is in the Royal Collection. When it was X-rayed recently, the experts found that parts of it had been painted over. Originally the right shoulder was lower, even with the left, and the eyes were not so narrow and slitlike.”

“No wonder I love England,” she remarked some time later, after devouring most of a plate of cream-filled buns. “People eat so often here. Morning tea, breakfast, elevenses, lunch, afternoon tea —”

“I don’t think I can afford you,” said Thomas.

“I know you can’t.” Jacqueline gave him a look that left him momentarily speechless.

Publisher: William Morrow Paperbacks

Rating: 7/10


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