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The Price of Lemon Cake

Sunday, October 22, 2023

The Price of Lemon Cake (2023) Jennifer Ashley (Below Stairs Mysteries Novella / Kat Holloway)

The Price of Lemon CakeSet in London in 1882.

Although Kat Holloway makes an appearance in this story, it is about Lady Bobby Perry and told from her point of view.

Bobby is in love with Judith, and in this story we learn more about both Bobby’s history, her relationship with Judith, and how she interacts with the world.

“You’d be astounded how much people see only what they wish to see. And anyway, I look so much like a bloke, no one has ever tumbled to me no matter where I go.”

Kat comes with Bobby with a request for help–to see if they can get a young man out of trouble.

In doing so, Bobby learns more about Judith and her past, and meets up with some of the shadier characters in Kat’s orbit.

“I said, you ain’t police,” (the man) snarled. “Who are you? Your gents only told me you knew something to my advantage. What is it?”

“That it would be to your advantage to not linger in London,” Mr. Fielding said without changing expression.

And now I want lemon cake. Even though I don’t much care for cake, and have never found a lemon cake recipe that was everything I feel lemon cake should be.

Publisher: JA / AG Publishing

Rating: 7.5/10


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