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An Unexpected Peril, Audio Edition

Monday, April 1, 2024

An Unexpected Peril, Audio Edition (2021) Deanna Raybourn narrated by Angele Masters (Veronica Speedwell)

An Unexpected PerilSet in London in 1889

“He said it was the oddest little place he had ever been. One mountain, one small city, one castle, and seventy varieties of beer. He remembered it with great difficulty,”

Stoker was never happier than when imparting information, whether one asked for it or not. This, I had observed frequently upon my travels, is common in the male of the species.

“It sounds as if that last night here, she was fey.” My expression must have betrayed my bemusement for he went on. “It is an old Scots word, it means a sort of hectic happiness that cannot last. It usually presages a disaster.”

Publisher: Penguin Audio

Rating: 8/10


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