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Monk’s Hood

Monday, June 10, 2024

Monk’s Hood (1980) Ellis Peters (Chronicles of Brother Cadfael)

Monk's HoodSet in England in 1138

The tide of civil war between King Stephen and the partisans of the Empress Maud had receded into the southwestern borders, leaving Shrewsbury to recover cautiously from having backed the weaker side and paid a bloody price for it.

Pope Innocent has acknowledged King Stephen’s claim to the throne of this realm.

I love that this series gives you history that is unknown (or perhaps unremembered) to most while giving a fascinating mystery.

And even more I like the small kindnesses.

“My mother has been dead for eleven years this Michaelmas past. He knows it—or he knew it—as well as I. But if she’s alive to him again in his dotage, why should I remind him? Let him keep that thought and any other that can pleasure him.”

Characters: Cadfael, Jerome, Abbot Radulfus, Prior Robert, Abbot Heribert, Hugh Beringar, Richard, Petrus, Edmund, Mark, Alberic of Ostia, Gervase Bonel, Richildis Bonel, Aelfric, Aldith, Edwin Gurney, Rhys

Publisher: Road

Rating: 9/10


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