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What Darkness Brings, Audiobook

Sunday, June 16, 2024

What Darkness Brings, AudiobBook (2013) C.S. Harris narrated by Davina Porter (Sebastian St. Cyr)

What Darkness BringsSet in London in 1812

Russell Yates, Kat Boleyn’s husband, has been accused of the murder of Benjamin Eisler. Hendon asks Sebastian to help–not for Yates’ sake but for Kat’s.

It seems that Eisler had a giant blue diamond he was going to sell for Thomas Hope–a diamond that was rumored to be the French Blue, which had been stolen from Paris and which Napoleon wanted–as well as the Prince Regent of England.

Characters: Sebastian St. Cyr (Devlin), Alistair St. Cyr (Hendon), Sir Henry Lovejoy, Kat Boleyn, Tom, Paul Gibson, Charles, Lord Jarvis, Hero Jarvis, Henrietta Dowager Duchess of Claiborne, Jamie Knox, Russell Yates, Bertram Leigh-Jones, Jacques Collot, Thomas Hope, Lieutenant Matt Tyson, Blair Beresford, Abigail McBean, Annie Wilkinson, Samuel Perlman, Jud Foy, John Francillon, Otto von Riedesel

Publisher: Recorded Books

Rating: 8.5/10


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