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The Deadly Hours

The Deadly Hours (2020) Susanna Kearsley, Anna Lee Huber, Christine Trent, C.S. Harris Theses are four novellas, each connected by a cursed time piece. “Weapon of Choice” by Susanna Kearsley “In a Fevered Hour” by Anna Lee Huber “A Pocketful of Death” by Christine Trent “Siren’s Call” by C.S. Harris “Weapon of Choice” by Susanna […]

Who Speaks for the Damned

Who Speaks for the Damned (2020) C.S. Harris (Sebastian St. Cyr) Set in London in 1814 I have loved this series since the start, and generally adore her writing. However. Third Person Omniscient POV does NOT WORK if you are hiding a person’s gender. It just DOESN’T. It is stilted and kludgy and what you’re […]

Who Slays the Wicked

Who Slays the Wicked (2019) C.S. Harris Set in London in 1814 Lord Ashworth has been discovered naked and repeatedly stabbed in what looks like a crime of passion. But finding the murderer is a daunting prospect. “Do you have any idea who might have killed him?” he asked Stephanie. “Someone who disliked him?” she […]

Why Kill the Innocent

Why Kill the Innocent (2018) C.S. Harris Set in London in 1814 Hero is researching the wives of men who were pressed into the royal navy, specifically, how those women are often left destitute when their husbands are kidnapped off the street. After visiting one such woman, Hero literally stumbles over the body of a […]

Where the Dead Lie

Where the Dead Lie (2017) C.S. Harris Set in London in September 1813. In case you’ve lost track, this is book 12 in the Sebastian St Cry series. Sebastian is becoming used to fatherhood, and although his sister still hates him, Sebastian’s father has been reaching out to Sebastian, to try perhaps to repair their […]

When Falcons Fall

When Falcons Fall (2016) C.S. Harris Ayleswick-on-Teme, Shropshire in August 1813 I really do love this series. Sebastian and Hero have traveled to Shropshire to see if Sebastian and learn anything of the man who sired him–the man who gave him his yellow eyes and strange skills–because the man he believed to be his half-brother […]

Who Buries the Dead

Who Buries the Dead (2015) C.S. Harris Set in London in 1813. “In my experience, people who view others as social or financial assets rarely do accumulate close friends.” A body is discovered at Bloody Bridge–its head sitting on the brick wall, the body lying nearby in the grass. At first, there seems to be […]

The Archangel Project

The Archangel Project (2008) C.S. Graham October ‘Toby’ Guinness is an Army vet who was washed out with a psychiatric discharge after an incident in Iraq. “You didn’t want to go to Iraq?” said the Colonel. “Are you kidding? The only people who actually want to go to Iraq are either seriously delusional or very, […]

Why Kings Confess

Why Kings Confess (2014) C.S. Harris I gave up re-reading the past books and the series and jumped straight to the newest book. No more hardback books for me, I think. The last several books have been set in a relatively compressed time frame–within a nine month period, to be precise, and in this book […]

What Remains of Heaven

What Remains of Heaven (2009) C.S. Harris I’d forgotten this book ends on a cliff-hanger of sorts. Not the mystery, but the situation of Hero Jarvis. Sebastian is pulled into yet another mystery when he formidable aunt asks him to look into the death of the Bishop of London and the presumed successor to the […]

Where Serpents Sleep

Where Serpents Sleep (2008) C.S. Harris Now we reach the point where I started buying this series in hardback. And I hate hardback books. The fourth Sebastian St. Cyr book discovers Sebastian working with someone entirely unexpected: Hero Jarvis. A home for reformed fallen doves (ie women who want to escape prostitution) is burned to […]

Why Mermaids Sing

Why Mermaids Sing (2007) C.S. Harris This is a hard book. Lots of terrible things are revealed, which are very hard for Sebastian (and the reader) to bear. These discoveries, however, are separate from the mystery. Young men are being killed–butchered in a horrible way–and the Magistrate Lovejoy asks St. Cry for his help, because […]

When Gods Die

When Gods Die (2006) C.S. Harris I have to admit, I’m reading slower than I have been, because I can’t afford to buy the eBook version, so I’m re-reading my paperbacks. It’s odd how much more comfortable I find an eBook to read. Plus, if I fall asleep reading an eBook, I don’t loose my […]

What Angels Fear

What Angels Fear (2005) C.S. Harris Sebastian St. Cyr is a young nobleman who returned from the wars with France wanting only to forget, but unable to do so, and thus unable to fit back into society. His refusal to wed and produce and heir only makes his already poor relationship with his father even […]

What Darkness Brings

What Darkness Brings (2013) C.S. Harris The 8th book in the Sebastian St. Cyr series finds Sebastian Lord Devlin and Hero (now Lady Devlin) setting into married life. They are still keeping secrets from each other–Sebastian his past, and Hero, her father’s secrets, but they are also clearly in love with each other, and working […]

When Maidens Mourn

When Maidens Mourn (2012) C.S. Harris I’ve been pretty forthright about how rarely I buy hardback books. But C.S. Harris is on the extremely short list of authors I’ll buy and read in hardback. So why, you may ask, if his book came out over a month ago–and I’ve had it in my hands for […]

The Solomon Effect

The Solomon Effect (2009) C.S. Graham I picked up both The Archangel Project and The Solomon Effect after discovering they were written by the same couple who write the Sebastian St. Cyr mysteries as C.S. Harris. After reading the first book, The Archangel Project, I held off on reading The Solomon Effect, since there are […]

The Archangel Project

The Archangel Project (2008) C.S. Graham I love the Sebastian St. Cyr mysteries by C.S. Harris. So when I realized she also wrote under the name C.S. Graham, I immediately ordered the books. Now the books written as C.S. Harris are set in Victorian/Regency England. These books are modern thrillers. October Guinness is a Navy […]

What Remains of Heaven

What Remains of Heaven (2009) C.S. Harris The Archbishop of Canterbury enlists the help of Sebastian St Cyr’s aunt to ask Sebastian to look into the death of the bishop of London, who’s body was found in an abandoned crypt. In the meantime, he is attempting to determine just how Hero Jarvis is doing, after […]

Where Serpents Sleep

Where Serpents Sleep (2008) C.S. Harris I really like C.S. Harris’ Sebastian St. Cyr mysteries. In fact, now that I’ve finished the latest, Where Serpents Sleep I’m depressed I’ll have to wait at least a year before the next book in the series comes out. Sebastian has been leading a dissolute life following the events […]

Why Mermaids Sing

Why Mermaids Sing (2007) C.S. Harris I really like Sebastian St. Cyr Viscount Devlin, and look forward to new books in the series as they come out. Unfortunately for me, others seem to like him as well, and Why Mermaids Sing came out in hardback. I really do not like reading hardback books (I’ve got […]

When Gods Die

When Gods Die (2006) C.S. Harris Last year I picked up What Angels Fear on because I thought it looked mildly interesting. I was pleasantly surprised to find an intriguing and fascinating Regency thriller. I then placed the the second book in the series When Gods Die on preorder, which means I’ve been waiting since […]

What Angels Fear

What Angels Fear (2005) C.S. Harris Sebastian St. Cyr, Viscount Devlin, is a somewhat dissolute young noble who returned from the Napoleonic wars far more bitter than when he left. A prickly relationship with his father and a willingness to fight duels have not helped his reputation, but he doesn’t much seem to care. However, […]